Leading voices in business and economics convened in Beverly Hills, California, this past week for the 2024 Milken Conference. Yahoo Finance Senior Columnist Rick Newman joins Market Domination Overtime to discuss several of the biggest themes and takeaways from speakers at the conference.

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Just give us quickly your big takeaway from that conference.

Well, of course, there was a lot of talk about what the fed is going to do with interest rates.

I’m going to make a call here, guys higher for longer is now officially the most overused cliche in the history of finance.

I don’t think I can stand to listen to another discussion there.

I know there’s a lot of competition for the most overused cliche in finance.

Well, ok, we’ll, we’ll do that on a, on a different segment.

You know, financial bigwigs, very optimistic about the US economy.

I know here here in America, a bunch of people might be thinking, what are they smoking?

Guess what?

People who look around the world say the US is just massively outperforming everybody else.

People who go, who go around collecting investments from all, from all over the world, say everybody is over allocated to United States.

They just want to be here.

There was a lot of talk about energy and there’s a lot of money in the green energy transition.

And these guys are trying to figure out where it is.

And, uh, as with everybody else in America, most of the people at the Milken Conference are dissatisfied with their choices in the 2024 election.

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