THE Global Tourism Business Association (GTBA) recognized Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco on Friday for her outstanding contribution to the revival and continuous growth of the Philippine tourism sector and handed her the World Tourism Icon of the Year Award. The award was granted in recognition of Frasco’s outstanding leadership and her unwavering efforts to show the world the country’s finest of our country. “Fostering cultural exchange, sustainable tourism, and economic growth, indeed, you have validated the Philippine tourism sector on the global stage by attracting visitors worldwide and have set a new standard for excellence in the global tourism landscape,” the organizers said in a statement. “This plaque serves as a token of our deep appreciation for your extraordinary contributions to the tourism industry. May it stand as a testament to the positive impact you have made and inspire future generations,” they added. Frasco emphasized the importance of the tourism industry in her keynote message. “The synergy between the private tourism industry and the government is pivotal. It’s through this collaboration that we are not only recovering from pandemic losses but also achieving unprecedented goals in the tourism sector,” she said. “I commend GTBA for rallying the private sector and continuing to champion Philippine tourism globally,” she added. Frasco also presided over the induction of the new officers of the GTBA, a nonprofit national tourism organization founded in August 2018 by Michelle Guerrero Taylan. The mission of the organization is to promote long-term tourism growth. With over 100 members, GTBA promotes responsible tourism and holistic development in the Philippines’ travel and tourism sectors through networking events, training and advocacy.

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