Today, the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the results of a global study on student learning since the COVID-19 pandemic and the results were, not to put too fine a point on it, abysmal. Both literacy and math scores showed ‘an unprecedented fall’ in student performance, according to OECD. Terrible new exam results reveal the pandemic’s toll on schooling. British and American pupils mostly scored above the average for rich countries, but marks in many places were far worse than expected 👇 While the United States did not score too horribly in the literacy department, about on par with 2018 test results, math scores dropped an alarming 13 points from 2018 and were 15 points below the global average. These results gave Randi Weingarten, head of America’s largest teachers’ union, the perfect opportunity to publicly accept responsibility for her efforts to close schools and keep them closed during the pandemic, and pledge to correct her actions going forward for the benefit of America’s schoolchildren. LOL. Just kidding. She didn’t do any of that. Worldwide, the extraordinary drop in math & reading scores shows how detrimental the COVID19 pandemic & its aftermath was to student learning & highlights just how important it is that we prepare now. My statement on the results can be read here: In usual Randi “Replies Off” Weingarten fashion, the AFT head only allowed herself to respond to her gaslighting tweet, which consisted of her lying about trying to re-open schools and caring about the academic well-being of students. In-person learning is where kids do best, which is why educators & their unions worked hard to reopen US schools for safe in-person learning beginning back in April 2020, and why we’ve spent the last several years following the pandemic prioritizing public schooling & investing… Our focus is on well-being; wrapping services around schools and making them hubs of their communities; regulating the influence of harmful social media; and expanding opportunities for experiential and hands-on learning that equips kids with the skills and knowledge to pursue… It is truly amazing to us that Weingarten thinks she can keep saying she tried to re-open schools and thinking anyone is going to believe her. Fortunately, Twitter wasn’t buying any of her lies and ratioed her into the sun with hundreds of QTs. Gaslighting & Lack of Self-Awareness Olympics perennial champion. They should really retire the event. Nobody dominates the Gaslighting Olympics like Weingarten. The pandemic wasn’t detrimental to student reading and math scores. SCHOOL CLOSURES WERE. Who was largely responsible for those school closures? This woman has ZERO self awareness and shame. It’s actually incredible. closing replies like you closed the schools. No one has demolished Weingarten’s gaslighting better than school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis, who has brought receipt after receipt to prove her lies on many occasions. And speaking of receipts, what better place to look for those than Community Notes? Your union pushed closures. You didn’t care about the kids. You and ppl like you needed to help democrats win. So you sacrificed the kids like you always do. And, of course, she would do it again in a heartbeat. Cause the problem Use the problem to Cause more problem Use the problem to Cause more problem Use the problem to… It is a vicious cycle that Weingarten and others like her strive to perpetuate for as long as possible. This was a popular meme responding to Weingarten but, as usual, Holly Briden did it better than most. Full points for finding the actual ‘Gaslight’ gif. I just can’t with this evil, vile, human piece of sh*t! She knows exactly what/WHO did this to our children. She is just like her pal Biden, they pass the buck and never take responsibility. GP The drop in math and reading scores shows how detrimental America’s teachers unions are to student learning. You clowns pushed to keep schools locked down forever. That much COVID proved for certain. The only thing teachers’ unions care about is teachers’ unions. Randi falsely claims “unions worked so hard to reopen U.S. schools for safe in-person learning beginning back in April 2020” and that she’s “investing in real solutions that help kids recover & thrive.” The Portland teachers union just closed schools again with a lengthy strike. Oops. The brazenness with which lies is nothing short of remarkable. The problem is that there is nothing to stop her from brazenly lying. She does not face any accountability from her membership and never has. (By the way, did we mention that Weingarten makes more than half a million dollars a year to lie like this? Some underpaid teachers might want to ask her about that.) We told everyone that if you closed schools this would happen. It wasn’t the pandemic it was you closing schools that did this. This is infuriating. Exactly what we told you was going to happen. This is on YOU for using our kids as blackmail and political pawns. Remember when everyone warned of the damage this was doing to children? And remember when Weingarten and people like her said ‘Kids are resilient’? Yeah, we remember. And we remember that too. Randi Weingarten is evil. Honestly, we can’t come up with a better summation of Randi Weingarten than that one. We’ll call it ‘tough but fair.’ ***

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