AMMAN — The hashtag #StrikeForGaza is gaining supporters by the minute, as people call for a global strike to happen on Monday, December 11th. Since its launch on December 8, #StrikeForGaza has amassed over 1.2 million views, aiming to “paralyse the movement of the economy” and disrupt it on Monday, December 11, to alter the global economic growth and halt its progression in solidarity with Palestinians. The strike, as outlined in posts across social media, includes transportation, aviation, trades, banks, ports, and even schools and universities. It seeks to affect countries supporting Israel’s ongoing aggression on Gaza. The campaign sparked discussions across the web, with various news channels, intellectuals and activists using their platforms to amplify this strike and encourage further participation. The upcoming strike has also been supported by multiple international and national organisations after seeing it garner attention from people across nations, echoing the same sentiment regarding the need for a ceasefire in Gaza. Journalist Esraa Alshikh, organiser of the campaign, emphasised in an interview with The Jordan Times that the call for the strike stems from the absence of international support from world leaders and officials who could improve the situation in Gaza or completely halt the war on the Strip. “The US has vetoed the UN resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza,” Alshikh said, noting that the US veto is a “negative” development that demands global intervention and should be changed with collective efforts from people worldwide. Calls for similar strikes will continue until the war on Gaza and hostilities in Palestine stop, and a ceasefire is reached.

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