Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Manoj Pande underscored India’s ascent on the global stage in a ‘non-threatening’ manner and as a responsible power. In a keynote address delivered at the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur), the Army chief acknowledged that with India’s growing stature comes recognition, added responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges. “India’s rise in a ‘non-threatening’ manner and as a responsible power stands acknowledged by the world community. India’s growth in stature brings with it recognition, additional responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges,” said Army chief Pande during his address, as quoted by news agency ANI. He highlighted India’s proactive role in addressing global issues, particularly citing the country’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict as an example of standing steadfast and clear in addressing legitimate concerns based on national interest. General Pande also praised India’s initiatives in various global ventures such as the International Solar Alliance, the Global Bio Fuel Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, and Vaccine Maitri. “Our foreign policy and diplomatic pursuits are playing a vital role in securing India’s interests. Consequently, today India has a voice on the world stage that is distinct, rooted in Indian ethos and effective in articulating the concerns of the Global South,” he noted, as per ANI’s report. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(“div-gpt-ad-6601185-5”); }); Discussing India’s economic resilience amid the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Army chief Pande remarked, “Our economic growth is on a firm footing. Unlike many nations, we were able to brave the economic downturns of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict based on an agile, resilient and consumption-driven economy.” He attributed India’s economic success to factors such as an aspirational demographic dividend, cost advantage from vast human capital, policy reforms, skilling initiatives, infrastructure investment, digital potential, frontline entrepreneurship, and commitment to sustainable development. ALSO READ | Adversaries ‘Increasing Military Footprints’: Army Chief Cautions On ‘Proxy-War Pursuits’ Army Chief Manoj Pande On India’s Role In Indo-Pacific Region, G20 Presidency The Army chief also addressed India’s role in the Indo-Pacific region, emphasising the need for enhanced defence capability through self-reliance. He highlighted India’s participation in regional strategic frameworks, including BIMSTEC, IORA, India-ASEAN engagements, the Indo-Pacific Oceans’ Initiative, SAGAR, QUAD, and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. Commenting on India’s successful conclusion of the G20 presidency, General Pande stated, “The successful conduct of the G20 meet demonstrated India’s ability to bridge divides and achieve consensus on some very knotty issues.” The event at IIM Nagpur provided a platform for the Army chief to articulate India’s position as a responsible and influential global player, grounded in its cultural ethos and committed to contributing solutions to global challenges.

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