Remote Production Executives Discuss Highs and Lows of the Business Following a Turbulent 2023 Change is constant in the world of remote production. Never more has that fact been true as the industry steamrolls into 2024. There are more ways than ever to produce an event thanks to cloud services, fiber connectivity, and IP but there is still plenty of demand for trucks to be on site. However, what is the current state of the business of the remote production industry? Top executives from the remote production community tackled the key topics facing the business last week during a panel discussion at the SVG Summit. Panelists included: To kick off the conversation, each executive offered their personal perspectives on how their company responded and was shaped by business changes occurring in the industry this past year: A rapid rise in interest rates is a key economic trend that any American has felt the pinch on. The remote production industry has been no different as the demand is still there to build more trucks even in an era where REMI is on the rise: One of the most notable changes in the ways remote production companies operate is the rise in service-level agreements (SLA) with technology vendor partners. How have SLAs altered the business of investing in a line of gear and are the effects on their overall truck a positive one? This conversation was hosted at the SVG Summit in New York City on Dec. 12. The moderator was .

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