TORONTO — RainGrid Inc. and founder Kevin Mercer won the award at the 18th annual session concurrent with COP28 in Dubai. This is RainGrid’s second international award after winning the $250k CAD in 2023. RainGrid offers cities an innovative technology to divert stormwater from the sewer system. Its Intelligent Rain Retention and Reuse (IR3) is a “circular economy solution” that retains and monitors rainfall on site. Capturing the full value of rain greatly reduces runoff pollution and flooding while creating the capacity to recharge groundwater. In a time of global climate uncertainty, IR3 supports climate resilience, protects watersheds, improves flood and drought resilience, and helps cities navigate away from costly piped infrastructure. Costs are paid back to property owners through and . The Global Forum award committee lauded IR3’s democratization of civic infrastructure and contribution to “ .” RainGrid’s next step is to scale up investment with a major IR3 proof of concept project. RainGrid’s seeks to link this award-winning innovator with forward-thinking cities or developers to implement IR3 on an extensive retrofit or greenfield development. Previously the “Global Human Settlements Award”, the SCAHSA is an annual worldwide prize promoting UN sustainable development goals, particularly . For 16 years, it has promoted the outstanding progress and valuable experience of its winners in the move towards a more sustainable world. Supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and related UN agencies, the SCAHSA is one of the most important awards on sustainable development in the world. Toronto-based RainGrid was established in 2012 to develop clean technology to divert rainfall from overwhelmed stormwater municipal systems. Its original manual systems progressed into the current hybrid Intelligent Rain Retention and Reuse (IR3) solution, which integrates digital and physical resources to create a circular rainfall network. RainGrid is a in its field. Natalija Vojno, Director, Business Development , +1 416 868 1983

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