In a recent interview, Dr. Cecilio Pedro, president of the Federation of Filipino–Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc., articulated the crucial necessity of recalibrating and fortifying ties between the Philippines and China. Emphasizing the historical foundation of friendship between the two nations, Dr. Pedro advocated for a visionary reset aimed at fostering a prosperous future. Given the Philippines’ current standing as one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies, maintaining robust relationships with key partners, especially China, is paramount for sustained economic success. Recognizing China as the Philippines’ largest trading partner, Dr. Pedro underscored the non-negotiable character of this relationship. Diplomatic dialogue, pragmatic discussions Even amidst challenges in the West Philippine Sea, he championed the importance of diplomatic dialogue and pragmatic discussions, urging stakeholders to transcend emotions and adopt a pragmatic approach. Dr. Pedro called for unity, highlighting open communication and constructive strategies as indispensable for enhancing relations between the two countries. Delving into the impact on Filipino-Chinese businessmen, Dr. Pedro dismissed tension as a human creation and advocated for a strategic shift towards collaboration and mutual assistance. Emphasizing the significance of peaceful communication, he stressed the need for an environment conducive to economic growth. Drawing parallels with global conflicts, he cautioned against the adverse effects of regional tensions and emphasized the imperative for Southeast Asia to maintain a peaceful and investment-friendly ambiance. Explore possibilities and strategies In discussions with Ambassador Huang Xilian of China, Dr. Pedro reemphasized the necessity of peaceful means to move forward. He urged leaders to explore possibilities and strategies, not only for the benefit of the Philippines but for the entire Southeast Asian and Asian regions. Appealing to the Marcos administration, Dr. Pedro underscored the direct correlation between diplomatic relations and economic prosperity. Drawing from his experiences accompanying the President on international trips, he emphasized the significance of fostering positive relationships globally. Dr. Pedro stressed that peace, stability, and strategic investments are pivotal for generating jobs and uplifting those in poverty. Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. Pedro expressed optimism, citing the resilience and world-class capabilities of Filipinos. Highlighting the contributions of overseas Filipino workers, he called for collective efforts to leverage available resources for meaningful projects and improvements. Imperative of diplomatic finesse Dr. Pedro’s strategic insights underscore the imperative of diplomatic finesse, collaboration, and forward-thinking for sustainable economic growth in the Philippines. As businesses navigate complexities, fostering peaceful relationships and cultivating strategic partnerships emerges as a fundamental strategy for success in the years ahead. ( A business and financial consultant, Mr. Henry Go is president of Hisyng Consultancy. He is also a member of various civic organizations including the Rotary Club of Manila. ) Read more Daily Tribune stories at: Follow us on social media Facebook, X, Instagram & Threads: @tribunephl Youtube: TribuneNow TikTok: @dailytribuneofficial

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