Dubai [UAE], December 29 (ANI/WAM): Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, the Arab Strategic Forum will commence its activities in Dubai on January 3, 2024. Titled “The Political and Economic State of the Arab World in 2024,” the thought-provoking event will bring together prominent global leaders, strategic experts, and leading figures in the realms of politics and economics. The 2024 forum intends to delve deeply into the intricate political and economic landscape of the Arab region. Renowned speakers will dissect transformative political and economic shifts, analyze the current position of Arab nations, and explore their crucial role in navigating the fast-paced changes unfolding both regionally and internationally. Participants will further engage in insightful discussions, envisioning the contours of the upcoming phase and its potential impact on the global arena of interests and balances. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Chairman of the Arab Strategy Forum, underlined its legacy as a cornerstone of intellectual exchange since its inception in 2001. Born from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Forum empowers decision-makers with future-focused insights and advanced thinking. This, Al Gergawi emphasised, equips them with the necessary tools to navigate a complex world – understanding major transformations, embracing flexibility, and crafting proactive solutions to geo-political and economic challenges. Ultimately, this translates to enhanced development plans and improved well-being for both the Arab region and the global community. Al Gergawi described the 2024 session as convening “amidst delicate circumstances.” The Arab world, and the world at large, finds itself grappling with comprehensive shifts in economics, politics, and international alliances. This session, coinciding with global efforts to address critical development and social stability challenges, presents a crucial opportunity for in-depth readings of these international changes. By providing such insightful analyses, the Forum empowers leaders in the Arab world and beyond to build robust, science-driven strategic plans. These plans, aligned with the goals of sustainable development, will better equip societies to face the world’s challenges and build a brighter future for all. The Arab Strategy Forum is a platform for forecasting geopolitical and economic events, bringing together influential leaders and decision-makers. It collaborates with global experts, researchers, and scholars to provide a forward-looking picture of future issues, enabling leaders to develop strategic plans. The Forum also offers training programmes in geopolitical and economic analysis for decision-makers, academics, and media professionals. It aims to help leaders make informed decisions, navigate risks, and exploit opportunities by providing short-term forecasts, thought leadership, and insights. (ANI/WAM)

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