eBusiness Weekly The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE) and Zimbabwe Economics Society, (ZES) signed a three-year but extendable memorandum of understanding (MoU) to professionalise the economics profession so that the country has certified people advising policy. The ICCE is the foremost and leading global professional body providing the Chartered Economist designation certification programme. The ZES is a non-profit and membership-based organisation of economists in Zimbabwe, established for the purposes of promoting the study and advancement of economics and related disciplines. According to the inked agreement, the two organisations will be working together to provide the Chartered Economist global designation to all economists in Zimbabwe. ZES members will have the opportunity to enrolll in the ICCE’s Chartered Economist programme at a special and discounted rate. According to the agreement, all ZES members who aspire to become chartered economists are also guaranteed a scholarship. In addition, the two organisations will work together to organise a variety of conferences and roundtable discussions on diverse topics in Zimbabwe. Speaking on behalf of the ICCE, Gaurissh Lagu, the Global Head of Partnership, reiterated the ICCE’s commitment to making the global chartered economist designation available and accessible. “We are thrilled to collaborate with the ZES, a recognised institution in Zimbabwe. We are confident that this collaboration will benefit both ZES members and anyone interested in enrolling in the ICCE’s Chartered Economist programme in Zimbabwe. “We trust that all ZES members, as well as non-members alike, will take advantage of what we are offering to start their journey to earn the prestigious Chartered Economists designation and commit themselves to the global professional standards of the ICCE,” he said. Nigel Chanakira, President of the ZES, said the organisation is constantly seeking global partnerships that will bring value to all its members. “Partnering with a global organisation like the ICCE demonstrates our dedication to all members and stakeholders as well as the economics profession. “ZES members and non-members will have access to the ICCE’s Chartered Economist programme and receive specialised training on a range of topics thanks to this partnership with the ICCE,” he said. ZES Head of Professionalisation, Paison Tazvivinga, expressed the organisation’s strong commitment to fostering professional development. “Our primary objective is to enhance our members’ academic and professional development. This partnership with ICCE is poised to significantly contribute to that goal of professional development for our members.”

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