JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon’s opinion is highly valued when it comes to topics in economics and finance. So, when Dimon discusses topics ranging from rate cuts to Bitcoin, it is worth listening.

At the Australian Financial Review Business Summit, Dimon spoke first about rate cuts and what path the Federal Reserve should take in 2024.

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“I think they have to be data-dependent. If I were them, I would wait. You can always cut it quickly and dramatically. Their credibility is a little bit at stake here. I would even wait past June and let it all sort it out,” Dimon said over the livestream.

The narrative of a soft landing has been prevalent for some time, with many hoping that they could simply speak it into existence. Dimon is a bit more pragmatic, stating that the odds of a recession are still around 65%.

Dimon referenced that the strong performance of both debt and equity markets in 2024 as well as remnants of COVID-era monetary stimulus are evidence of a potential financial bubble.

It seems as though Dimon is in favor of holding out on rate cuts. If Dimon is correct, premature rate cuts could contribute to the bubblelike conditions and be unhelpful in lowering inflation.

Markets are pricing in one rate cut of 25 basis points in June and a total of 75 basis points cuts throughout 2024, according to the CME Group.

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Dimon also discussed Bitcoin at the summit.

“I don’t know what the Bitcoin itself is for, but I defend your right to smoke a cigarette, I’ll defend your right to buy a Bitcoin. I won’t personally ever buy a Bitcoin, and I do think it’s a risk if you are a buyer,” he said.

Dimon also discussed Bitcoin’s use in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and terrorism.

While Dimon seems to be taking a strong stance against the use of and investment in Bitcoin, it is somewhat of a weaker stance than previously.

“If I were the government, I’d close it down,” Dimon told a Senate committee in December in a call for the government to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Dimon received a decent amount of backlash for the comments, with users saying that “it’s time to close down my Chase account then” and “we must defend our freedom against tyrants like this.”

While Dimon is against the use and adoption of Bitcoin, it seems that he is more tolerant of Bitcoin. It will be interesting to see how his stance changes as the market sentiment and price of Bitcoin fluctuate.

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