Yahoo Finance was on the ground at the 25th annual Milken Institute Global Conference. With the tagline ‘Shaping a Shared Future’, the conference brought together business leaders, important political figures, and financial juggernauts, all with the shared focus of paving a prosperous future of the globe. See what these masters of the universe had to say to the reporters at Yahoo Finance: their missions for a healthy environment, the preservation of liberal democracy, the loosening of onerous business regulations, and much more.

Editor’s note: This article was written by Noah Chadwick

Welcome to Yahoo Finance’s coverage of the 26th Annual Milk Institute Global Conference.

Lots of things on the docket Tik, Tok Trump and the future of society.

Our job as a company is to take brands that are timeless and make them timely.

And we are very excited about creating yet another global event.

They will tell you that they see Pinterest as an oasis away from the toxicity that they see on much of the social media, and it is a great example of doing well by doing good.

What’s interesting about milking to me, as always, is just how global the reach is.

What we got today is a world economy that has proven to be remarkably resilient in our baseline.

We expect to see inflation going down to target this year, and we expect to see the Fed starting to cut today.

We energy secure tomorrow.

We need make sure that we’re as energy secure tomorrow as we are today.

We have the large digital shift to artificial intelligence that’s been driving earnings higher, and that could continue to, and that’s really out of the Fed’s control too.

So it is it a challenge for them right now, trying to slow the economy enough so that they can clamp down on inflation?

You can’t solve this without a growing economy.

And so if you’re going to play with taxes, you’ve got to do it in a way that you make sure you keep the economy growing because raising and all these small businesses across America is not good economics.

It’s great to be here talking with Yahoo Finance and Water Energy in Bosnia and a I here at the Milken conference.

Let the innovation go.

It will make the technology cheaper and ubiquitous, and it’s and it’s giving us all of those benefits.

It’s very important to have a maximum truth seeking a I and a maximally curious a I. I think at some point we want to make science fiction, not fiction forever.

Let’s make life multi planetary and be a space faring civilization be out there among the stars

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