On the occasion of the first day of , Dr Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), visited Kali Mata Temple in Jammu and performed puja at the Bahu Fort. He extended Navratri greetings to the entire society. Later, Dr Bhagwat paid floral tributes at the statue of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, founder of Sangh. He then proceeded to be with members of the Kathua division of the Sangh. The Swayamsevaks from Kathua, Basohli, Bilawar and Samba districts participated in the Kathua and Samba districts’ Swayamsevak event held at the Sports Stadium in Kathua. A large number of women also attended the event, eager to listen to the Sarsanghchalak Dr Bhagwat’s address. Pointing out that such a large gathering was happening in Kathua after a long time, Sarsanghchalak said citizens are also participating in it. “It is important to know what the Sangh is doing, and why it is doing it. People speculate about what the Sangh is doing, but they should come to us and see what the Sangh is actually doing.” Dr Bhagwat said that Bharat can offer answers to problems that plague the world. He said that man’s well–being, end of global conflicts and peace, these are the values of Bharat. The world has seen various experiments such as socialism and capitalism but after trying everything, what was the result? The world’s sorrows have not ended or decreased. Noting that there is no end to conflicts, Dr Bhagwat said, “First, there was the war in Ukraine, and now there is the war in Israel. Families are breaking apart day-by-day. This suggests that the means for procuring happiness have created problems. The era of Artificial Intelligence has also arrived. The world is in confusion and unable to find a way out. The world will find this path through Bharat.” Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mohan Bhagwat said that Bharat was once a golden bird and remained so for a long time. “Ultimately, Bharat possesses ancient capital that can show the world the way. The organisation of G20 in Bharat has brought humanistic ideas into economic thinking. Bharat has its own worldview that it has inherited from its ancestors.” Pointing out that our country’s diversity exists because of our unity, Dr Bhagwat said if you want to find happiness, search for it within yourself. “Learn to see happiness in the well-being of others. Happiness comes from living for one’s loved ones, with truth, cleanliness, and compassion. We should not run after vices but remain holy through body, mind, and intellect. Our sages have taught us these things.” Sarsanghchalak said the core values and traditions of have been prevailing since ancient times. “ is the very culture of Bharat. The creation is held together according to the first line of , which incorporates balanced behaviour and collective order as the way of life. On this Earth, we are mere trustees. Wealth belongs only to God. We possess only values, which can enrich everyone and are much needed today. The revival of is the revival of Bharat. unites everyone, and establishes equilibrium. Bharatiya traditions are rooted in .” We must become deserving for our nation. The world respects those who possess power. He said that the sons of Bharat Mata, beyond caste and creed, should unite and immerse themselves in the lap of motherland, and together make Bharat great. Discipline arises from , and discipline makes a person virtuous. We must keep our personal character and national character pure. We can prepare ourselves as selfless servants in just one hour a day at the . The Sangha does not have remote control; it has complete trust in its selfless volunteers. He said that the power of virtuous individuals is always used for good deeds. “Let us become so empowered that no one can point a finger at us amidst the chaos of the world. It is essential to find ways to address those who harm the country and break the country. We must think of everyone’s welfare, and it is necessary to follow rules and discipline. Selfless volunteers come to the branch to learn all these things. To fulfill the world’s needs and develop the desired strength of societal will, the Sangh needs to train individuals accordingly,” added Sarsanghchalak Society is ready to move forward. Let us teach society to move forward, forgetting selfishness and divisions. On this occasion, Kshetra Sangh Chalak Sita Ramji, Prant Sangh Chalak Dr. Gautam Mangi Ji, and Kathua Divisional Sangh Chalak Vidya Ratan Ji were present. Afterwards, the Sarsanghchalak also paid his respects at the Radha Krishna Temple located in Ward 6 of the city. Following that, the unveiling of the statue of Bharat Mata took place in the village of Jakhbar, and he urged the villagers to work towards the development of the village, with ideals and values.

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