Experts discuss the emerging global crisis of land use and its implications for international relations. Humanity faces a deepening ‘land crunch’. On current trends the demand for land for farming, renewable energy, climate change mitigation and other essential uses will increasingly exceed the availability of appropriate land. Intensifying competition for land will make international cooperation on solutions more important, but also more elusive. Without significant reforms governments will be forced into a series of untenable choices: between feeding people, meeting climate targets and preserving nature; between economic prosperity today and safeguarding populations’ well-being tomorrow; and between asserting national resource security agendas and managing foreign relations to avoid conflict. A new Chatham House report on the emerging global crisis of land use details the need for a new approach. Drawing on the geopolitical questions raised by the report, this event will consider: How do countries’ land wealth and their stewardship of resources relate to political and economic power? How will land-use pressures and responses reshape the geopolitical landscape? What could be the fallout for climate, nature and people? What are the prospects for international cooperation on these issues and what can countries hope to achieve on this topic at COP28? Events Topics Departments Administrator, Members Events, External Relations

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