“Lithuania has a strategic goal of strengthening ties with the Indo-Pacific region, and Singapore is a priority market for attracting investment, exports and innovation. With the official opening of the Lithuanian Embassy in Singapore in October and the establishment of the Commercial Attaché post, we look forward not only to securing diplomatic relations, but also to opening up new opportunities for Lithuanian exporters in the world’s most advanced markets,” said Deputy Minister of the Economy and Innovation K. Žemaitis. The Deputy Minister will be accompanied by the management of Invest Lithuania and the Innovation Agency, as well as representatives of the Lithuanian Business Confederation and 15 Lithuanian companies seeking new contacts. During his visit, the Deputy Minister and his delegation met with Shadab Taiyabi, President of the Fintech Association, and Lennon Tan, President of the Federation of Industrialists. Meetings are also planned with Enterprise Singapore’s Head of Europe, Alan Yeo, and the Head of the Economic Development Board, Jacqueline Poh. Meetings are scheduled with the CEOs of Bridge Alliance, Esco, Nansen, VoloPay, Nium, Shandi Global and Sea Limited. The Deputy Minister will also attend the event “Lithuania. The EU Entry-Point for Your Fintech” and will participate in a panel discussion on “Next Generation Digital Public Infrastructure” at the Elevandi Insights forum during the Fintech Festival. Lithuania is consistently strengthening its cooperation with Singapore to attract more investments in Lithuania’s promising sectors: biotechnology, fintech, software and IT services. In January-August this year, Singapore ranked 48th among Lithuania’s 208 trading partners in terms of trade turnover, 38th in terms of exports and 72nd in terms of imports.

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