Google is one of the companies leading the AI race, and Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, is at the helm. When talking to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang at APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) he talked about potential global impacts of AI technology. During the interview, Pichai compared AI technology to climate change, according to a report . Why did Sundar Pichai compare AI to climate change? This seems like a pretty tough comparison. One is the next frontier in technology, and the other is a global phenomenon. Well, it all comes down to responsibility. During the interview, he said that AI’s effects will be felt all over the world. “AI advances will get out to all the countries and so it’s naturally the kind of technology that — I don’t think there’s any unilateral safety to be had.” That statement is true. At the moment, only the richest countries are affected, as they have access to more technology. Less wealthy countries don’t feel AI’s effects quite as much. However, we expect that to change as the technology becomes more accessible. What does this have to do with Pichai’s statement? He said that AI technology will be felt worldwide; what else is felt worldwide? Climate change. “In some ways, [AI’s] like climate change and the planet,” he said. “We all share a planet. I think that’s true for AI.” So, the responsibility to make AI safe is a responsibility that every country has. This is why countries need to come together to develop safety guidelines for AI rather than racing to beat out the competition. Thankfully, we’re seeing efforts The worst thing that we can do is turn AI into another rat race we need to lead. This could have tremendous consequences. AI is like fire at this point; it could either be constructive or destructive depending on how we use it. Thankfully, countries are working together to work on guardrails for AI. On Thursday, President Joe Biden reached an agreement with Xi Jinping to discuss AI and its potential effects. Sundar Pichai is right in that we need to develop AI guardrails together. AI technology is only going to get more powerful. If we’re not careful, then it could have some massive consequences.

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