Trade and Industry Secretary Alfredo Pascual recently underlined the significant contribution of the creative industry in propelling the country’s economic growth and expansion. Pascual, during the closing ceremony of the 2023 Fiesta Haraya, underscored that Fiesta Haraya is the very first Philippine Creative Industries Festival showcasing Filipino diversity and artistry. In a speech, Pascual recognized the Fiesta Haraya as a significant milestone representing the implementation of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, cultivating initiatives that will provide Filipino creatives with the tools, platforms, and opportunities that are critical in driving economic growth and fostering inclusive development. “In the 2nd Philippine Creative Industries Summit in March of this year, the DTI launched the Malikhaing Pinoy Program. Through this program, we have begun to set the stage for the transformation of our creative industries, positioning them as catalysts for economic growth, cultural preservation, and global recognition,” he said. Initiatives launched Further, the DTI chief also outlined initiatives launched in the first year of PCIDA’s implementation, supporting all nine creative domains and communities in the Philippines. He presented initiatives such as celebrating Fiesta Haraya, implementing the Lunsod Lunsad Program, and establishing UNESCO-designated creative cities like Baguio, Cebu and Iloilo. Moreover, Pascual discussed the creation of the ENSAYO Creative Hub in Pasay City and enhancing the Center for Innovation and Technology for Entrepreneurs in Marikina City. Additionally, he also presented innovative approaches to fostering a vibrant creative economy through training programs, masterclasses, design thinking workshops, and the Young Creatives Challenge nationwide competition. Pascual also highlighted efforts to leverage the Philippine creative industries on the international stage, transforming Filipino talents into substantial sales revenue, meaningful partnerships, and quality foreign investments. Participation in global events Notably, he underlined the country’s participation in global events like the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the External Development Summit in Canada. During the event, the DTI chief signed a Memoranda of Agreement with the World Economic Forum, Globaltronics Inc., and Thames International Schools Inc., embarking on collaborations between public and private sectors to elevate Filipino talent and creativity. Pascual emphasized that the collaboration signed between DTI and WEF for the Jobs Accelerator Initiative is aimed at fostering an exchange of insightful ideas and implementing global best practices aligned with the Department’s science, technology, and innovation (STI)-driven approach. He highlighted the WEF’s recognition of the Philippines as a jobs accelerator, acknowledging the country’s economic strides, investments in critical sectors, and commitment to fair and quality employment. Also, Pascual lauded the official partnership between DTI, Globaltronics Inc., and Thames International Schools Inc. “This strategic collaboration is poised to further enhance the creative industries by spotlighting young digital artists through the National Digital Arts Awards launched by Globaltronics Inc. and through education and training efforts by Thames International Schools Inc.,” he said. Read more Daily Tribune stories at: Follow us on social media Facebook, X, Instagram & Threads: @tribunephl Youtube: TribuneNow TikTok: @dailytribuneofficial

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