AMMAN — Muhammad Al Khalayleh, the chairman of the Health and Food Committee said on Sunday that Jordan is considered a global and regional leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Khalayleh made these remarks while presiding over a committee meeting to discuss the draft of a medical supplies examination system, with the participation of Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) Director General Nizar Muhaidat, according to Al Mamlaka TV. He added that the examination system of medical supplies, disinfectants, and cosmetics for the year 2023 aims to keep pace with developments and modern requirements in the field of drug testing, strengthening its accreditation with international entities. He clarified that the amendment to the draft system is intended to separate it from the drug testing system due to significant differences between the two systems. “The system also aims to expedite the procedures for registering drugs locally, leading to increased production and, consequently, boosting exports in a sector considered one of the promising sectors in the Economic Modernisation Vision for the next ten years,” he said. He urged the promotion of the national economy and further investment in pharmaceutical manufacturing, questioning the search for alternatives to original drugs to reduce the cost of alternative medications. Muhaidat mentioned that Jordan ranks second globally in pharmaceutical exports, with 29 pharmaceutical factories producing 481 local drug varieties marketed in 72 international markets, Al Mamlaka TV reported. According to the draft system, the trading of any registered drug is prohibited until it passes the initial examination. The drug cannot be traded until the trading application is submitted with JFDA director general’s decision to approve its trading is issued in accordance with the provisions of this system.

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