Its a light calendar here for the Asia session with the only item of note being the Bank of Japan Summary of Opinions from the December 18 and 19 meeting. Policy was left unchanged at that meeting despite the feverish speculation of an imminent policy change from the Bank: The fever has been ongoing for about two years, with the focus now being the meeting ahead on January 22 and 23. The meeting in April seems more likely and is more favoured by traders. Anyway, today we’ll get the ‘summary’ from the meeting just a couple of weeks ago, which should provide a few more clues. See below for a description of the Summary compared to the Minutes. — The Bank of Japan (BOJ) releases a “Summary of Opinions” after each monetary policy meeting. It serves as a record of the discussion and views of the Policy Board members on various economic and financial issues. Key points about the Summary: In a few week’s time we’ll get the Minutes of this meeting. The Minutes are a more detailed record of the discussions and decisions made during the meeting. ‘

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