Kahron Spearman Trending Posted on Jan 8, 2024 A trending video by Leon Halt (@leon.halt_09) has gone viral, garnering over 3.2 million views. The 9-second clip, titled “Huh,” captures a surprising moment in a Switzlerland McDonald’s: A person orders one chicken McNugget for 1.20 Swiss francs, roughly equivalent to $1.42, via a touchscreen. The video highlights the astonishment of viewers regarding the unusual purchase of a single nugget and the general high pricing at Swiss McDonald’s locations. The clip resonates with many due to its revelation of how expensive fast food can be in Switzerland, a country known for its high living costs. The concept of purchasing just one chicken nugget for such a price has shocked and intrigued viewers, sparking conversations about global in well-known fast-food chains. Switzerland is known to have the McDonald’s pricing in the world. One person stated what would seem obvious, except that it’s not a concept we have stateside: “It’s so you can of McNuggets that you require.” Another commenter, who recalls their experience in the country, wrote, “No wonder I spent 20€ on one menu in Switzerland.” “THE ONE PIECE IS REAL,” joked another person, for those who perhaps just wanted an extra small snack. This TikTok video’s revelation aligns with the experiences of others who have encountered Switzerland’s steep prices. In a late December 2023 , journalist Morgan McFall-Johnsen recounts spending $31 on a McDonald’s meal in Zurich, which included three sandwiches, fries, and dipping sauces. McFall-Johnsen’s experience sheds light on Switzerland’s high cost of living and how it translates into the pricing of even everyday fast-food items. She found the Swiss Big Mac, the world’s most expensive, underwhelming and recommended trying the Big Tasty instead. Similarly, an Australian tourist, Jarnah McMillan, in June 2023 after paying about $60 AUD for two McDonald’s meals via in Switzerland. Her story adds to the growing anecdotes of travelers needing to prepare for the steep prices of everyday items in Switzerland, currently ranked as the second-most expensive country. Leon Halt’s one chicken McNugget video is a small but vivid snapshot of the broader context of global pricing disparities. It provides a glimpse into the daily life and economic realities in relation of cost of living in Switzerland. It prompts discussions about the value and perception of multinational fast-food chains in different parts of the world. The video’s popularity underscores the universal appeal and curiosity surrounding the cost of living in various countries. The Daily Dot has contacted Leon Halt (@leon.halt_09) via TikTok comment for more information. Kahron Spearman is the community manager for the Daily Dot and Nautilus magazine. He’s also a journalist, copywriter, and host of “Discovery with Kahron Spearman” on KAZI 88.7.

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