In an age characterized by global interconnection through trade, diplomacy, and cultural exchange, these venues play a pivotal role in enhancing Fiji’s diplomatic and economic relationships. This were the sentiments shared by the Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka at the reopening of the Aquatic Center and the National hockey turf in Suva this evening. Rabuka says they serve as beacons of global sporting excellence, attracting international events and championships, thereby positioning Fiji as a prominent global sporting destination. Consequently, these endeavors significantly contribute to our economic growth, invigorating our tourism, hospitality, and employment sectors. He added these venues stand as living testaments to our enduring cooperation, paving the way for even deeper collaborations in the years to come. As he showed his gratitude to the Chinese Government, Rabuka says, together, we can explore new frontiers in sports education, and sporting technology, further strengthening the bonds that unite our two great nations.

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